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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Alliance Power Leveling Guide - Choosing the One For You

Are you looking for an Alliance power leveling guide? Are you considering Zygors Guides, Brian Kopp's, IDemise? Here are some things you need to look for in your power leveling guide.

You should buy a guide that has you leveling only with quests. While it is nice to do some instances and grinding, until the later levels you will level much faster with just questing.

If you see a part of the guide that says "grind here until..." you need to throw it away. You will be doing plenty of grinding at 80 without needing to do more to get there. Unless you have a specific reason to grind on a certain mob or in an area, you should be questing for max XP.

I always look for a talent guide as well. I like to level new characters, but always find myself wondering what I should spend my precious talent points on. There are tons of ways you can spend your points, but I want the best ones for grinding. I have tried looking on the web for talent specs, but all I end up finding are forum debates about which is best. The problem is that they rarely show the actual spec, and doing an armory check on the player just shows their current spec (which is usually a PvP or Raiding spec.) Many of the good guides out there come with a talent guide.

I also look for an in game guide and addons to show me where to go. I have used free resources, like Questhelper, but often find them more confusing than anything. It will show you all the locations with an arrow pointing to the closest objective, which is often not the best place to go. They help, but most of the guides come with one that is loads better.


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