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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

How to Identify a Poorly Run Alliance in Travian

There are a few signs that distinguish a good alliance from a bad (or poorly run) one. With the reliance on collaboration that Travian has, one would think that no alliance could be imperfect however this is not always the case. Here are some of the signs you should be looking out for when considering joining.

Are there any mentions about the word "farm"? Of course no alliance wants farms. But usually, an alliance that even acknowledges that being farmed is something it wants to have little to do with is admitting that it has been a problem in the past. Experienced players farm more than they are farmed and know how to deal with players who farm them.

Whether the forum is hosted internally or externally will indicate the level of commitment that the leaders of the alliance have toward their members. Externally hosted forums are usually much better; but not always.

The requirements to join an alliance tell a lot about the kind of communication that takes place within the alliance and how effective it is. Does the alliance interview applicants (placed as sitter, they check out your account)? Do they require that you use a third party messaging software such as Skype, MSN or Yahoo? Do they ask for a reference within the alliance?

These requirements show consideration that goes beyond the simple questions like "What is your troop/population ratio?" and "Are you a defensive/offensive player?"

Be on the lookout for signs that an alliance was founded by committed mature players who know how to run a good team of players.


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