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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

World of Warcraft Tricks and Tips Add to the Fun

No matter how much you enjoy World of Warcraft, everyone needs something different from time to time. That's a big reason why cool game tips and tricks get so much attention. The game world is huge, and complex, and it is possible to find fun, interesting, and useful things you can do that aren't part of the normal flow of the game. The WoW Tips and Tricks eBook is a full-sized collection of these, with detailed instructions for trying them out yourself.

Imagine getting your hands on little-known tricks for rapid leveling, or farming more efficiently, or simply having an extra edge in combat. Or maybe you're more interested in the 'fun' angle, and would get a kick out of things like breaking into the Darnassus Bank, poking around under the Deadmines or Karazhan, or tormenting other gamers (friend or foe) in the middle of a battle? With the new WoW Tips and Tricks eBook, you can do all of these things.

This is a 38 page guide filled-with dozens of strange and wonderful things you can do within WoW. Every one of the tips and tricks described in the guide is tested and the guide itself gets continual updates to ensure that you have the freshest information available anywhere.

Best of all, you don't have to worry about the legitimacy of any of these tricks or tips. Everything you read in the guide has been confirmed against the World of Warcraft TOS (Terms of Service) so you can be confident that it is legal, legitimate, and safe. While random tips you pick up off the Net may or may not be allowed by Blizzard, you can be confident that nothing in this guide will get your account hacked or banned.

Here are the major categories of tips and tricks you'll find in the guide:
High Speed Leveling Tricks: Blast up to level 80 as fast as legally possible
Instance Running: Finish faster, get more loot
Gold Making Methods: Tips to make more, faster
Achievements, Reputation, and Skills: Boost your ratings fast
Combat Tricks and Tips: Have more fun while kicking butt
Other Cool Stuff: A grab-bag of wild stuff to do

As you can see, there's something for any interest in this guide. Why not try something new in WoW today. WoW Tricks and Tips is the coolest and safest way to explore the strange and wonderful side of the game.


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