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Thursday, June 11, 2009

WoW Druid Talent Tree Build in WotLK - Where to Spend Your Talent Points

The druid is a shape shifting hybrid class which allows you to approach many different play styles and this is the reason why it is one of the most versatile classes in the entire game. Druids of every spec can find a role for themselves at the end-game whether it's raiding or PvP.

Just like with the rest of the classes in World of Warcraft the talents for druids are split into three categories, or trees:

-    The Balance tree which focuses on damage spells that will make the druid a very efficient spell damage dealer.

-    The Feral Combat tree which focuses on using the shape shifting druid forms of cat, bear and dire bear, each of these focusing in turn  on either tanking - Bear and Dire Bear - or on melee DPS - Cat form.

-    The Restoration tree focuses on healing spells, making the druid a very efficient healer, especially because of the Tree of Life form that druids learn by investing in this talent tree.

Like we said in the beginning the druid class is a hybrid class and this means that each druid talent tree will definitely contain some talents which will be useful and sometimes necessary when specializing in any one of the other trees. Let's take a look at what a druid talent tree can offer.

For instance:

- Some Feral Combat talents will modify your maximum mana which you would need large amounts of if specializing in the Moonkin form;

- some Balance talents will modify the cost of healing spells which is crucial for any good healer, while others will be helpful when in the feral forms.

- Some Restoration talents like Furor, will give the druid rage when they switch into either Cat or Bear Form, while others like Natural Shape shifter will reduce the mana cost of shape shifting by thirty percent.


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