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Friday, June 12, 2009

Tips 4 Travian - Defensive Troop Types in Travian

So far we've gone over a number of tips and tricks to help you along in Travian. This game is highly addictive. If you play it for more than a few weeks you will find yourself planning your day around the game; unless you're playing the speed server-then it will take a matter of days.

All addiction aside, Travian is a war game and no matter how "nice" you try to be, you will eventually get attacked. Here are a few tips on what kinds of troops you should be building to take advantage of defense bonuses.


Praetorians are probably the best defense units in the game, especially when you calculate the wheat cost/points of defense. Put 1000 of these in any village with a level 20 wall and every attacker will think twice about attacking you. While Macemen and Phalanx are fun to kill for hero points, most offensive players will not go out of their way to kill Praetorians. As a defensive player you only really need to build thousands of these tanks.


If you're a Teuton, you'll notice that Mace-Men cost next to nothing and carry a lot of resources. While you want to build spears and trade for Praetorians with someone to build up a perfect defense (100 spears are worth about 65 Praetorians, for trading), start building maces before your academy is up. You will rely on mace men for resources more than your fields. Plus, Teutons have a bonus against crannies. A few thousand spears will help you out tremendously, but try to trade some for Praetorians, as they are the best.


Gauls have Phalanx-which are pretty much useless, unless you upgrade them, but you can build large quantities of them in a relatively short amount of time. It's not uncommon to build 20,000 (on the speed server) over a weekend. Their strength lies in numbers.

This basic guide will give you something to work towards as you learn about the game. Once you get the hang of it you should attack other players. In the meantime build defense and experience in the game using this article as a guide.


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