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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Mage Secrets in World of Warcraft - All Beginner Mages Should Learn These Tips

Mages are one of the funnest class to play as in World of Warcraft. Having the ability to blast your enemies away with fire or freeze them with ice is really awesome. Whether you want to be an arcane, frost, or fire mage, here are a few tips that will help you get the best out of your talents in World of Warcraft.

- Learn crowd control. That way, you can destroy more than one enemy at once and level up more quickly. Crowd control talents also come in handy whenever you're ambushed. Freeze your enemies and pick one to sheep. Make sure you freeze first though, because if the sheeped mob gets hit with your freezing spell, it'll turn back to normal.

- Use frost bolt to slow your enemy down. First, start off with your most powerful damaging spell, then when the mob begins running toward you, slow it down with frost bolt, and then hit it with an instant spell, such as fire blast. After that, immediately freeze it, run backwards a bit, and then use your most powerful spell once more. Hopefully, this strategy will be enough to kill the mob.

- Use a wand whenever your mana starts getting low. Spend time leveling up your wand in order to cause the maximum amount of damage possible. Sure, you could always use mana potions or gems, but sometimes they're not enough in longer battles.

- Choose herbalism as one of your professions. As you level herbalism up, you will receive the ability to regenerate your hit points. This ability is exclusive only for herbalists, and it can be very useful for mages. With potions, the ability to restore, mana gems, and wands, you'll find yourself dying a lot less!

Follow these tips and you'll find that being a mage in WoW, no matter the race, can be really fun and rewarding!


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