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Sunday, June 14, 2009

To Win in Travian You Need to Be the Best - Here is How

Getting in a good alliance in Travian is less about ability and more about commitment. After playing for less than 3 months I have been in top 5 ranked alliances several times. Each time I got in however, I don't feel it had as much to do with the current state of my account as much as it was my potential.

Alliance leaders want players who are willing to invest the required amount of time in Travian to make their 'empire' successful. The same rule applies to working in an office or with any other team in R.L. (real life). Leaders want followers who are committed to playing the game.

In short, here is what you need:

1. Willingness to learn to play the game in a successful way

2. The time to log on 1-3 times per day

3. A team attitude that encourages players to help each other when they are being attacked.

4. Personality. No one wants a 12 year old kid on their alliance. If you are one, make sure you act like a 20 year old adult. Impress people.

5. Contribution: Most alliances have a forum. They expect you to post on it regularly. This means that you save the forum webpage in your bookmarks and check it every 2 days.

Alliance leaders work just as much on their alliance in a virtual world as do people work on school/word teams at the workplace and in the library. Travian is a serious game for serious players. If you want to "make the cut" and join a top alliance, you need to have those above qualities.

As you can see, all those qualities have nothing to do with Travian and everything to do with you. If you want to be with the top guys, everything you need to make it happen is inside you.


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