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Thursday, May 14, 2009

How to Level Up Your Travian Hero As a Defensive Player

Travian has a special unit referred to as the "hero". Unlike the other units your hero can gain experience with every battle that he engages in and kills troops. Even if your hero dies he will still get experience from the troops that were killed.

If you are an offensive player, attacking units and building up your hero can be very easy, since you have the right kind of units that need to escort him into battle. However, as a defensive player this can be a problem since defending units make terrible attackers.

How do you solve this problem?

Having a hero and making him powerful ads a fun element to the game that should not ignored. For the first half of the server however, you will have to accept that with the exception of raiding oases, your hero will not level up very much. About halfway through the server things will change.

As a defensive player you can always have an offensive army even though it is not your primary goal. Halfway through the server bring your blacksmith to 20 in one of your villas and upgrade your best offensive unit to level 20 (imperians, axmen, swordsmen). At the same time start building a "mini-hammer" in that village. I've seen some pretty impressive 30,000 "mini-hammers" that build level 20-25 heroes.

Accept that you will have to wait until half of the server is done. This is because you need to have enough internal strength to focus on both offensive and defensive troops in an effective way.

Good luck!


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