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Friday, May 1, 2009

WoW Warrior DPS Fury Talent - Build For Wotlk

The warrior on World of Warcraft is your basic walking talking damage dealer. Nothing subtle or cloak and dagger about this class, the warrior is about pure brute strength. Choosing the warrior class is ideal for all players who love to obliterate their opponents with a combination of personal skills and overpowering damage; however despite the fact that they seem to be an easy class to play, not so. We'll be taking a short look at the basics of a Fury talent build for the warrior class in Wrath of the Lich King.

Dual-wielding is a large part of the Fury warrior's style of play, because it is meant to offer high levels of DPS for raiding purposes, but a Fury build in general will allow you to level fast by killing fast and effectively, thanks to a combination of very fast attack speed and high rate of crits.

The amount of downtime you'll get with a Fury build is the minimum possible with a warrior build, and this means that you can kill your enemies in a short amount of time and the less time they have the less they'll beat up on you. When you combine a Fury build with bandaging, which is a must-have for any non-healer class the downtime is almost non-existent.

Like we said earlier the traditional Fury build implies a dual-wielding build, but you can also go for a two-handed fury build which is not as fast as dual but still pretty fast, it only has to do with your personal play style.
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