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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Several Ways to Make Game Currency in MMORPG Games

A strong economy is a symbol of a well-developed MMORPG. Like life, money creates freedom. Players can progress quicker and enjoy more unique aspects of the game. Most players find this frustrating. But I think it adds to game enjoyment. If in-game money were easy to obtain, I believe our motivation to play would be weakened because money earned within the game brings with it an emotional reward for players. Players must adapt and learn how to cope with the monetary requirements of their characters. The player that figures out how to earn money will enjoy the game at a much higher level.

Want to make money in the game? Every MMORPG shares a fundamental structure for earning money within the game. Keep reading to learn more.

Players are required to have certain commodities for game progression and to participate in certain aspects of the game. These items can only be used one time; they disappear after a single use. If again needed, players will need to find another item on their own or purchase it. Types of commodities you can find in game: flowers, herbs, minerals, gems, animal skins, ore, etc. To generate an income by commodities, a player character must have the necessary skills to find and extract commodities from the game environment.

Ever wanted to write a check but you couldn't locate a pen? In that situation, the reagent was the ballpoint pen and without it you were unable to write your check. Low level and high level characters will always need reagents. Some have "charges" - or multiple uses. They can be used many times before disappearing. However, some can be used only once. Players need them to cast spells, cook foods, and craft items. Most can only be found during normal game player while a handful can be crafted or built by players with the appropriate skills. There are always a few reagents that are in high demand but short supply. If a player does his or her homework, it is easy to find the ones that are in high demand and make a tidy profit by reselling them.

If someone were to ask you: "Will you give me the remote control?" They have just asked you to complete a quest. If you agree to their request and hand over the remote control, you will have completed a quest. A large variety of quests will be found in every online role playing environment. In fact, most role playing games use their 'quest count' as part of their sales pitch: "Our game has 35,339 available quests!" Quests are used to steer game players in the right direction. As a bonus, they provide the player with a sense of accomplishment. Each quest has its own unique reward (or any combination of the following): player character experience, money, or character gear (such as weapons or armor). Players will often find repeatable quests; these can be completed over and over again for extra money.

In most games, characters can train in various professions, some of which are: black smithing, tailoring, cooking, leather working, alchemy, etc. Some professions allow the crafting of permanent items such as weapons and armor. Consumable items can also be crafted, such as food and drinks. To make a lot of money with crafting is easy: focus on consumables! They are always in short supply as PVP players and hardcore raiding guilds buy them on a daily basis.

Mob grinding - players can kill mobs and earn money in the process. After a player kills a mob, she can loot the mobs corpse. A player can often find armor, weapons, money, reagents, and in some cases they will find rare items that can be sold to other players for substantial amounts. While this method of making money can be both tedious and boring, every player can participate. It is often quite profitable if you're character is particularly strong versus high-value mobs.

The players who can work extra hard and save their cash to form a huge bankroll can join in on reselling fun. By keeping a close eye on the auction board and the trade chat-channel, clever players can easily determine which items are in big demand.

When a player gets lucky enough to find a deal and can immediately purchase that particular item for a lot less than the amount its normally sold for, she can then buy it and then re-post it immediately at the correct price. This passive strategy for earning money is a lot of fun. If a savvy player resells items through the auction system, a player can then enjoy the game! Also, you must keep in mind that your reselling business is limited by your bankroll: just how many items can you buy and re-post for sale before your fat bankroll is gone?

When I'm actively engaged in reselling, I will have 40 or more unique or rare items at the auction house. And I will always post them for inflated prices. In my opinion, reselling is the most profitable method of earning cash.

While there are certainly other methods for earning cash within the game, the above list discusses the most popular methods. If you find yourself working too hard to earn cash, start using any of the above mentioned money-making strategies. Money will always work its way toward the player who has invested some time into understanding the game's economy. When you finally have unlimited game currency, you will have accomplished what eludes 99% of players. And trust me: you will enjoy the game at a much higher level when you have cash!


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