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Friday, June 26, 2009

What is the Best World of Warcraft Guide?

It makes sense that for a hugely popular online computer game like World of Warcraft (WoW), there would also be a number of guidebooks available to help both new and experienced players in various aspects of this rather complex game.

The best of these guides cover in detail topics such as WoW walkthroughs which are detailed explanations of what a player can expect from a particular part of the game such as going on a quest. Guides about how to acquire gold are especially popular since the acquisition of gold means power and wealth for World of Warcraft characters.

A good guide will also provide much detail in its presentation so that any level of player will have no trouble following the information presented.

1. Leveling and class guides are useful to WoW players in helping them bring their characters all the way from level 1 up to level 80. They provide details on quests and also on how your WoW character can acquire gold and the equipment you will need to successfully complete the quest.

2. Another category are the Profession and Gold guides. These books help players quickly earn gold by teaching the 5 professions that are most lucrative for earning tons of gold.

3. A third group of guides are what is known as the Player vs Player guides (PvP). These guides specialize in preparing players to go head to head in bouts with other WoW players. They will usually cover topics such as what weapons and equipment to have on hand, when is a good time to go PvP and strategies that have been proven to work in actual PvP bouts between all levels of players.

Whether you are just getting started in WoW or are an experienced player in the game you will find that World of Warcraft guidebooks give you a distinct advantage over players who don't use them. And since the game undergoes periodic upgrades and expansions, you will usually find the guidebook authors keep their information up-to-date with any changes in the game so you maintain your advantage.


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