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Friday, June 26, 2009

3 Ways to Powerlevel Your Night Elf in World of Warcraft

You want to speed up your night elf leveling? Are you experiencing low experience points or do you have trouble to find a good area for your night elf to level? In glad to inform you that leveling your night elf will be a lot more fun and easier if you follow these tips.

1). Track Performance

If you are grinding in an area you must be tracking your performance. Without tracking, you can not compare area. Some area might be dull to level, but give a lot experience. Others are more fun, but you are wasting your time grinding there. If you don't not track your performance you will not know where to level a night elf fast.

 2). Do Quest

Especially at lower levels, quest are quite rewarding. You should get as much quest as you can in one area. After that, fulfill all requirements and then return. This way you will save lots of time. A quest helper ad don is a great utility to help you with this. Some quests are easily overlooked.  

3). Switch Area's

If an area does not give enough experience after two hours, switch immediately. This is also the reason why you should get a bigger bag and a flying mount. This way, you will have to return less often and you will spend less time traveling. On top of that, you can go to area's which are not accessible without a flying mount. Also avoid area that are heavily crowded. Generally, these area's are way better to level you night elf.

An In-Game Guide can help you pinpoint the best way to level your night elf or other character as fast as possible. 


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