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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Top Two Tradeskills For Leveling in World of Warcraft

Leveling in World of Warcraft is a very long process, and some players cannot help but to go broke in the process.

This does not have to be you anymore. There are two tradeskills that are essential to the leveling character, especially new players, to keep up your gold needs on your way to level 80. They are Skinning and Herbalism.

Skinning is a really simple skill to level up and complements the leveling process very well. As you level you will be killing wildlife of some form or another from level 1 to 80 for quests or general grinding. Instead of leaving the corpses sit or letting someone else take your spoils, level up skinning to rake in some extra gold. Early leathers are typically not worth much, but there will be a few spots in the leveling process where you will rake in the money naturally. Skinning in Northrend is one of the best moneymakers there is, especially if you kill mobs that drop valuable meat for cooking recipes.

Herbalism is also really simple to powerlevel being another gathering profession. Simply activate your Track Herbs ability and grab any herbs you run across while leveling. Herbs and flowers are everywhere in the game, even in places you would least expect them to be, so there is little excuse to not level it. Unlike Mining, you do not have to hug the mountains to level it up, as most herbs are going to be sitting out in the open.

Since you are going to be leveling your character with Herbalism and Skinning, you are definitely going to need bag space. Any early purchases should go towards buying bigger backpacks. Eighteen slot bags are rather common these days, and will suit you until 80 where you will probably consider upgrading to twenty slot bags or better. You can invest in special bags to hold your herbs and skins as they tend to have more bag space, but I would rather see my bag space be universal and instead add a few extra trips to a mailbox to keep my bags empty.

Powerleveling your characters is much easier if you can maintain the gold needed to sustain the process of upgrading gear and buying other essentials like your land mounts.


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