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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Mario Games Online - Travelling Back in Time to the Years of Mario!

Most games these days are just based upon features that are violent and complicated. The games can take hours to learn, and hours to beat, with little to no repeat play potential and even less potential to draw the old fans that enjoyed simplistic, and harmless family style fun.

The games of today lack the story lines that engaged and intrigued the masses previously for many, many years. The older games relied upon deep and colourful story lines, and less upon the visually pleasing elements that today's games relied upon. Today's games lack the fan favourite characters, that you were rooting for game in and game out hoping they survived. You always worried that the next encounter may be your last, and that they may not survive the future encounters with Koopa and his army of miscreants.

When a character and series can inspire real feelings that with real honest to goodness connections like Mario has established with his fan base, then it will in fact survive the test of time again and again! Constantly fans went from title to title, enjoying them, and once done with the new ones, they would constantly go back to the old classics that spawned a love for a plumber and his friends that has yet to be matched.

Mario had his brother Luigi with him in a good many games, either as a playable character, or as a Non Player Character or "NPC". Not only do NPC's not get played by a player, but they are there to offer some sort of story line addition to a game. Luigi has a fan base that rivals even Mario himself.

Enjoying Mario and friends online would allow fans a new medium in which to get their Mario fix, with new and original content. Fan sites produce constantly evolving and engaging games with competitions that include high scores and various other competitions with some form of measurable records that allow users to compete against each other so that they can enjoy the old classics in new ways. Some of these games and the concepts behind them have yet to be even thought of or created in the main stream gaming arena.


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