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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Mario Games Online - Mario Hoping From Consoles to the Internet!

Mario is one of the most popular and widely recognizable names in the gaming universe today. The Red clothed plumber in overalls bounds around a side scrolling environment frequently until he passed into more 3D environments from the newer consoles that allowed larger more roomy environments.

These newer environments were a new and updated touch to the gaming universe, but alienated the purist and core base of fans that enjoyed the original and uncomplicated methods of fun that the original games provided.

The games have been renewed in a way that allowed gamers to enjoy the original feel and simplicity, with renewed fun and story. The online versions were free, and made by some of the most passionate fans that you will EVER encounter. They work in a volunteer capacity donating both time and manpower to maintain fan sites and producing and maintaining new content for the most diehard and even casual Mario fans to enjoy.

These games do things that the original ones cannot. They allow games to be made featuring characters other than Mario that can cater to a fan base for a specific area that is not normally featured in the way Mario is. The games vary from mini games featuring puzzles to sports games. Occasionally a game similar to the Mario of old will be made featuring a character other then Mario and in a way that builds story using either the game creators own ideas or pieces known as "fan fiction".

Fan fiction is a fan's own interpretation of stories based off an existing story and world, and modified with the new authors ideas and concepts. This "fan fiction" can be used to build new backgrounds for characters not usually featured, or even used to flesh out existing stories for characters even as popular and storied as Mario himself.


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