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Sunday, July 26, 2009

WoW Skinning Profession - New Ways to Profit From the World of Warcraft Skinning Profession

WoW Skinning is easy enough to understand. Find a beast, skin it, then sell it. This is the ease in which you can profit. But many don't players don't know some of the best places to find skins that are valuable for profit. Wrath of the Lich King has opened up new Skinning markets, here are a few places in Northrend where you can profit from WoW Skinning.

Let's start off with the easy stuff. Borean Leather - you need to be level 70+. Worgs in Storm Peaks is a popular spot for this leather. Nerubian Chitin - best spot is Scourgeholme in Icecrown, it is used primarily for Frosthide Leg Armor. Icy Dragonscales - most players go to Sholazar Basin to find this rare skin, it is used primarily for Icescale Leg Armor. The creme de la creme is Arctic Fur - available from all mobs but it's a very rare drop, it drops at about 1%. For this fur you need to find a fast respawn mob to maximize your chances of getting this fur.

To make WoW Skinning really profitable you need to check the Auction House. See what's NOT there and that is the fur you will target first. This is due to supply and demand, the less available the higher the price you can demand. Also consider that you craft something if you want to make even more gold. Dragonscales are used for this often, instead of selling individually, players craft the Icescale Leg Armor for greater profit. Happy Gaming.


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