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Sunday, July 12, 2009

World of Warcraft Tailoring Leveling Guide

One of the most time-consuming levels of all is tailoring. If done carelessly, or even during power leveling, one can easily give up hope and deprive them of this skill. As you proceed from 1 to 450 you require large amount of clothing and other necessary ingredients in some regions. This quickly causes people to give up as it requires a monstrous amount of gold to be able to reach your ultimate target by proper compensation. But if you carefully follow this guide you will be guided skillfully through 1 to 450 in a well-organized and resourceful manner.

One of the most critical and properly used skills in the game of World of Warcraft is tailoring. By acquiring this skill you get a huge range of benefits. You can construct equipment required for cloth and also spell threads that are attached to pants. From all this you get major statistical benefits. Tailors depend entirely on cloth armor and are not allowed to wear any other kind of armor made from materials like leather, plate or mail since they generally belong to classes like mages and priests.

A tailor can specialize in any one of the cloth types: spellcloth; shadowcloth; and primal mooncloth, each with their own properties and merits.

What are the Things that Should be Avoided?

In spite of carefully following and abiding by the guide, you could still make mistakes. All of us inevitably do make certain unavoidable mistakes no matter how cautious we tend to be. The guide will instruct you as to which patterns you should buy, so try to resist the temptation of buying each and every pattern available in the auction house. Do not bother buying any patterns unless you have totally leveled the tailoring. If you do not get sufficient information about purchasing patterns in the guide, the gaps can be filled up after you have finished off. Players usually have a tendency of collecting patterns they find in the auction house or purchase them from other players in trading channel. Try avoiding this temptation and move on to avoid mistakes.

Will Future Raiding or Instancing be Beneficial for My Characters?

You might want keep with you some definite amount of equipment at the beginning, to move on with instances. With the help of tailoring, you can possess some high quality specimens long before you have even entered a dungeon.

If you rigorously follow this guide you will get to 450 sooner than you imagined. It is proven to be much better than blindly trying to do things on your own. The rewards of having a tailor of your own will soon be apparent, and the tailoring level will prove to be a huge success for you.


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