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Saturday, July 4, 2009

World of Warcraft Strategy Guide - Gold Making Secrets

World of Warcraft (WoW) gaming enthusiasts will argue for hours at a time about the topic of a World of Warcraft Gold secrets guides and whether the guides can help you make more gold faster. The short answer is "yes", but there isn't really a "right" answer because different players have different preferences.

There is however, general agreement that there are basically 3 ways to make the most gold in the shortest amount of time.

Going on Quests

Going out on Quests is a proven method for getting quite a bit of WoW gold is a fairly short amount of time. The best way to go out on a quest is to learn as much about it as possible before you embark. Knowledge is power when it comes to questing and the more you know about what you can expect on a particular quest, the more successful you will be. It also helps you bring only those items along with you that will be the most useful.

Devoting Time to the Right Professions

It is generally agreed that the best professions for making the most money are herbalism, leatherworking, and mining, with mining probably being at the top of the list. Although many players don't do as much mining as they probably should simply because of the time involved (farming ore, making it into bars and selling in the Auction House), it is a very lucrative way of making a lot of gold if you have the patience. The Herbalism and Leatherworking will make you gold, but not as much as mining

Buy Low - Sell High

Buying low and selling high is, of course, a basic rule in any market and the gold market in World of Warcraft is no exception. The difference between what you pay and what you can sell your goods for is your profit. This applies to all items in WoW, not just gold. The best players in the Auction House move quickly and decisively when it comes to making deals because good deals are only available for a very short time frame. In the auction house, you are up against some real pro's, so it will take you some time to master this important part of the game. But don't get frustrated and give up. Virtually every good WoW player has gone through the auction house "learning curve".


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