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Monday, June 29, 2009

Wotlk Gold Farming Tips

Finding the Best way to farm gold in wotlk is a common goal for most WoW players. However farming can be stressful and tedious especially if you are a new player and don't know the basics. Farming is no longer just a skill of choice. It has evolved into the main source of gold in the world, and thus it is a driving force towards a stable economy. With the gold you obtain through farming, you can start to buy armor and weapons, or materials to help yourself level as well as to get the money back into the world and thus keep the economy running. There are many different ways and places to farm, as well as tons of methods that work to farm gold. The Best way to
Choose the Right Professions for your level and time. 
There are a lot of professions to choose from. However seeing as you can only have 2 primary professions and 3 secondary professions at a time, you are required to choose. I suggest that you pick the one that you have researched and have seen others succeed with.. Personally, I choose the mining profession every time, at least while leveling. This choice is because I have found through countless hours spent reading and applying, that mining holds the best profits of any gathering or crafting profession way into the upper levels. Fishing, a secondary profession, is also something I suggest everyone spend time on.

There is no point gathering materials to sell if there is no one to sell them to. So I suggest that no matter how rude someone is to you, ALWAYS take the higher ground. This shows others that you are someone who means business and someone they can depend upon as well as continuing their enjoyment of the game while trading It is best that you treat everyone you deal with in a courteous and proper manner. This way you can possibly build a permanent vendor/buyer relationship.

Study Market Changes 
If you are spending your time farming the same materials, and expecting to get the same prices every time, this is the aspect of gold farming that you fail at. Market changes in the world of warcraft is a very common, day to day, thing. An item may be 26 gold one day, or 5 gold another day. So in order to maximize your profit per hour, always check the auction house whenever possible and research different products that you can produce, or gather.

These are a few gold farming tips that will help to increase your income if you apply them correctly. Now that you have read my tips and ideas on maximizing your profits, I suggest that you do some research into the various guides on the best way to farm gold in wotlk.


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