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Monday, June 15, 2009

Why Buy Gold, When You Can Buy a Gold Guide? Or Get One For Free

Some players will pay real money and buy online gold from net-services, and the gold-selling net-services spend a lot of money and effort to get you to their sites, but as you know (or not), selling and buying of gold is a violation of the terms of service, and can result in having your account banned. "No more WOW for you."

This is why a lot of people are looking for new strategies and hot tips on how to make fast gold on World of Warcraft. And when you have demand, someone will supply it.  

You can find various gold guides that have been created, filled with good gold-making strategies. You will find that must guides will give you valid, useful and legal ways to make WOW gold. The regular price of an online gold guide (with membership) will vary from $30 to $100, with an average of $50.  

Many low cost and medium price gold guides will give the same material and gold making strategies, while the medium price will look better, have some graphics, and long lists of items you can make gold from, so you will not have to look for it yourself. While the medium price gold guides will give you thickness, most of the time you will not get more value from them.  

On the high end of gold guides prices you will get an add-on additionally to the guide. If the add-on is interactive, you will get your money worth. Some add-on are just notes on the map, it will save you the effort of looking for it on the gold guide and printing the guide, but this add-ons are not as good.  

One more advantage of the expensive guides is the obligation of free updated of the gold guide. If you buy a guide without an updated obligation you pay for yesterday method. Even if the guide is very new, the gold making strategies within it will get out of date, very fast. Farming zones will be over farmed, mobs will get nerfed, and with all the changes that Blizzard is implemented all the times this is only getting worse.  

So as you can understand the only way to go is high end...  

But what guide to get?  

Most guides will give you either a professional step by step on one or two gold making strategies or a go through, but not as dip as you need, on a lot of strategies. The step by step will be better for most players, the only problem is that if the specific strategy is not for you, it will be hard to make gold from it.  

But what if you don't want to spend your money on a guide, or you don't know what strategy is good for you?  

You can find some free gold guide if you look for it, most of them will only give you part of the system, and you will have to buy the pied guide to get the gold making strategy to work. Others will give out of date or even wrong information, wasting your time.


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