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Sunday, June 28, 2009

Warriors of the Virtual World

A massively multiplayer online role playing game, commonly abbreviated as "MMORPG", is a particular type of computer browser based game. The main idea behind the game is that the makers of the game create a virtual world following a certain story, and players from all over the world, play different roles in the game to progress it. Usually the virtual world created is a fantasy world, where each player assumes a particular character and he or she then becomes responsible for carrying out each of the character's actions. Since every character is a part of the story, their actions would subsequently affect the story as a whole. Therefore, if a particular player has not been logging into the game for a while, the virtual world of the game continues, and changes according to the actions of the other players and evolves accordingly.

These MMORPGs have become very popular all over the world ever since this early century. There are some common features which exist for all such games, they all constitute some sort of progression, this means that as one plays the story proceeds, thus the story will never remain the same and will keep changing. The story will evolve according to others actions, and a new gamer will just have to get used to it. Also the social interaction is a great common feature among all these games. Most of these games have what is known as experience points, which a character can use to progress to certain character levels, which depends on their gaming skills and the time they devote to the game.

By engaging in combats on group or individual basis is one of the ways by which one can improve in their experience levels, or also by earning points or the loot which the game allows. The gamer is never playing alone, there is always a host of other players playing their role in the story at one time, making up the population for the story. Thus there is also a chance of free chats between the characters, where they can exchange plans and strategies or also socially interact in general. Thus gamers can find themselves to be leaders or members of a clan or group and take part in the progress of the game.

Character customization is another feature which makes these games such a huge hit. A gamer can create his character the way he chooses, he can create his character to look the way he wants exactly and also in the technical sense with the particular powers that he would want.

These games are extremely engaging, with players being hooked to the game for over several months. It does take a little bit of time to get the hang of how the game functions, but it doesn't take time to get addicted to the game quickly. Such games require regular attention and many gamers schedule their "real" days around their gaming schedules if they want to keep their position secure in the game.


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