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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Online Games : How to Get Gold Fast For Your Epic Flying Mount

One of the toughest things to do in WOTLK is getting your epic flying mount. It isn't bad enough that you have to wait until level 77 but you have to fork over some major cash too. Listed here are some great ways on how to get gold fast for your epic flying mount.

The first way to make some decent gold quick is knowing just how to use the Auction House in your favor. The basic principle of making profit applies here, buy low and sell high. This is easier said than done, I know. However, armed with the right knowledge you can turn the Auction House into your automatic cash machine.

Take notice in the Auction House on what people are bidding on and since you already know that there is a demand all you have to do is provide the supply. A method that is a little more riskier that has the potential to get a lot of gold fast for your epic flying mount is to look pay attention as to what is not in the Auction House for sale.

Simply put up items for sale that are not listed and see how quick they sell. Do this for many items to stumble across your cash cow. This method is used quite frequently by some of the elite players and proven time and again to make a lot cash and should help you get the gold you need for your epic flying mount.

Another great way to make gold fast is the tried and true practice of doing your daily quests. This can be a pain but it is the one of the best ways to make a lot of gold fast. Find just the right places and mobs and you can get some really great drops for items that you can sell for big profits in the Auction House. Using some of the gold guides online can help find these "hot spot" and this is how to get gold fast for your epic flying mount according to many of the top players.

Not only can you get great items to sell, you will find that you can make a few hundred gold per quest. Once you find the hot spots that work for you just keep taking as long as they keep giving. Keep in mind that the really valuable items have a small drop percentage so you may need to repeat often to get the drop that lands you a lot of gold.


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