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Thursday, April 9, 2009

How to Make Fast Gold in World of Warcraft by Being a Crafter

Wondering how to make fast gold in World or Warcraft? Well, aren't we all? No matter if you've been playing the game for years or if you just started today, making gold is one of the favorite things to do of players from all over the globe. Even the players with a lot of gold still want more. Gold equals greed in most instances. And if you're not careful, greed kills. For players out there looking for a nice tip to make some quick gold, being a Crafter can seriously pay off.

When you first take up crafting, you will lose some money. In fact, the most effective way a Crafter can make money is to not even attempt it until they're at a reasonably high level, say, around 200 or so. Why is this? It has to do with the items you can craft. As a blacksmith, leatherworker, alchemist or tailor, you will start to see a major influx of cash! Your items will be in serious demand.

Leatherworking is a very strong craft to pursue due to the number of people who need your items compared to the number of people actually making them. Less than a third of all players are crafting leather. Blacksmithing is the same here.

In alchemy, it's not easy to get the herbs needed. So needless to say, the items you craft from this profession will be like having your own personal goldmine. Everyone will want to purchase your items. Tailoring and making bags is the same deal: almost every player will have a need for your items. It's like selling food to the hungry.

But this isn't all you need to know if you're wondering how to make fast gold in World of Warcraft. You still have to know where to sell it. Of course, you could contact people directly by writing down their name and sending a message. But this takes time. Instead, you should go to the auction house until you have a nice nest egg built up. Then you can try other sales methods.


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